The Manager’s Toolkit

The Manager’s Toolkit

The Manager’s Toolkit : All the Tools You Need  - At Your Fingertips


In today’s pressured and unpredictable times, managers are under constant pressure to do more with less.  Managers know they continually need to improve performance and drive efficiencies.  However their diaries are often so full they find it difficult to take time out from their working day to think about and come up with the answers they need. More than ever, managers need immediate access to trusted answers so they can take the right action quickly and confidently and improve performance.  That’s what The Manager’s Toolkit® gives them. 


The Manager’s Toolkit® is an on demand performance improvement tool that helps managers find relevant and immediate solutions to everyday workplace challenges – anytime, anywhere. 

The Manager’s Toolkit® contains the must have tools and information your managers cannot do without.  We research the best in the business to ensure your managers have access to an unbeatable library of management tools and information to help them drive the performance of their teams and your business.


Performance and productivity improvement: Provides just-in-time, moment-of-need access to a wide variety of content, resources, and tools designed to improve efficiency, productivity and performance. 

Coaching and development: Gives managers the tools to develop their team members, reducing the need for expensive external training.

Promoting best practice: Allows managers to share specific experiences and best practice to drive engagement and performance across the organisation.

Succession planning and talent management.  Tracks people through the organisation for succession planning and talent management purposes.


The Manager’s Toolkit® is designed for busy managers to address the full spectrum of today’s business challenges.  With The Manager’s Toolkit® your business will benefit from:

  • Managers who can quickly apply new skills, tools and techniques on the job to drive performance and efficiency improvements across your organisation. 
  • Managers who have the tools to support their team member’s health and wellbeing to ensure that they thrive at work.
  • Increasing your organisation’s ‘bench strength’ from having a mechanism to provide opportunities for advancement and developing the skills of potential successors.
  • Setting an example of best practice as an employer by offering high quality 24/7 management support.
  • Gaining greater value from your organisation’s learning and development budget by being able to deliver more for less.

The Manager’s Toolkit® adds value to your organisation’s managers with:

  • Practical tools, techniques and insights that matter when they are needed most.
  • 24/7 access to the content - anytime, anywhere.
  • Readymade templates, agendas and preparation checklists that will save your managers time and effort.
  • Tools designed for real work situations to ensure application on the job.
  • Access to the latest and best ideas in business.


The Manager’s Toolkit® combines the highest quality content with a unique approach focused on ensuring managers know what action to take and how to take it.  The Toolkit has over 140 (?) individual management tools across 40 (?) key arenas that most managers have responsibility for.  A list of the arenas is attached at Appendix A.  Each management arena contains the following: 

An arena ‘How To’ Guide.  A step by step guide that provides real practical advice and guidance using a range of media.

Must Have Management Tools. Pragmatic tools that can be used quickly and easily to solve people and business problems.  These include for example, tools to deal with specific situations (e.g. giving difficult feedback), preparation checklists, ready made meeting templates and assessment instruments.

Quick Tips. Practical tips that can be immediately applied to improve performance.

Further guidance.   For those who wish to explore the arena in greater detail there are personal development tips, additional resources and links to other useful websites.

Action plan and to do list.  A mechanism for capturing and recording the actions that need to be taken.


The Manager’s Toolkit® offers a number of unique features:

  • Whether on smart phone, tablet or desktop, Managers will enjoy an easy to navigate tool that they can access anytime, anywhere.
  • The highest quality content drawn from our extensive research.  Our editors hand select the most important and relevant topics and tools to keep the Toolkit current.
  • A ‘My Tools’ library feature where managers can save individual reference guides and specific tools that they use frequently for immediate retrieval and use.
  • A Toolkit user community where managers can share their experiences, advice, guidance and best practice.
  • Resources to help managers prepare to lead performance and development discussions with their team members.
  • A search algorithm that allows managers quickly and easily find the resources they need.
  • A follow up process will keep managers motivated, focussed and on track with their actions.
  • A tracking and reporting mechanism.  HR and learning professionals can easily find which arenas and tools are most popular by monitoring what has been read or saved, as well as monitor individual manager activity to ensure the organisation maximises the value it receives from The Manager’s Toolkit®


If required, The Manager’s Toolkit® can be customised to your organisation’s look, feel and brand.  It can be incorporated into your existing learning and development programmes, mapped onto your competency framework or offered as a standalone performance support resource.  Whatever you require as performance improvement experts we are committed to helping you to maximise the power of The Manager’s Toolkit® to your organisation’s advantage.


The Manager’s Toolkit® is an on demand performance improvement tool that contains the must have tools and information your managers cannot do without.


The Manager’s Toolkit®




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